Monday, 10 June 2013

out of sight?

To day is D day. D.B goes in to have a cataract removed but sadly not the floaters. this is the only eye that works and its teetering as to if that will continue.

I am so worried for him. He is worried to but says little, that's his way.

We found out what the excess on the roof is from the housing authority we have shared ownership with it is £906.00. We will seek some advice on this in my hear I know we are on a loosing wicket contesting, this I know sounds defeatist but my little voice is screaming at me and will not shut up!.

Autumn my old girl of a cat who not only has hyperthyroidism is now in the beginning stages of renal failure will not eat the diet the vet has prescribed. I do hope it is just the fact that she has a problem with her teeth and we need to stabilize her meds in order for her to have them attended to.

Right need to go and see how D.D is doing as he needs his meds and some brekkie before we leave.

Hope life in your world is happy safe and well.

chat later

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