Tuesday, 25 September 2012

where does alll the money go?

I have been thinking a lot of late about what is in my purse and what money will be available when I retire. Did a little math and decided I dint like the result. So where do I go from here. Savings will be the ultimate goal and one that I have "just" started. Can remember someone saying to me "when you save it has to hurt a little" so I looked at the House keeping and decided the following...

Buy bread when the reductions are genuine if not shut up and bake!

Consider saving to be a household bill after all you know you need to allot x amount for the phone bill etc why not savings

 is there anything more I can do to learn how to re skill if so what is the best option, Nanny used to say to cheep isn't necessarily better think about what you will gain long term.I know that's what I'm doing by having sewing lessons.(see nanny gone you may be but never forgotten)!

Can I change providers for my services and if so where is the best deal and then check again to see if it is.
When we moved we were compelled to have B.T for our phone and broad band. one grudging phone and an 18 month contract later I bitterly got off the phone. In a couple of months I can move yea! Whilst I am sure for some B.T offer very good deals it has not been so I feel for me. Cheapest monthly payment I could get at the time was £50. Suggestions anyone?

 So I am systematically going through the utility and dedicating myself to walking to where I need to go more often. Looking at what I can buy locally, even if the price is higher I would need to add in the cost of transport to bring it home. So does it make it cheaper?

One habit I am getting into it to go on line supermarket web sites and "grocery shop" there. And by copy and pasting what I need and printing it out I have a record to take with me and I either shop local or see if a trip to town will be worth the expense.
 Next on my list is a wheeled shopping trolley I am truly tempted to buy one new so if it dies I have some comeback.

 One thing I know is I will be posting some of my unwanted bits on eBay or doing a car boot myself. During the year I had some very pretty and practical finds (will post them soon) and the items they replaced will be loved by someone else so OUT THEY GO!

 If anyone out there has any personal grooming tips to keep me feeling good but for no or very little cost I would LOVE to hear from you,
 Went for a bit of read and came across how to make your own mamma pads (washable sanitary towels) Have you or anyone you know done this and was it a good experience? I am also toying with the idea of family wipes as well (personal use)

 I have decided to go and get my very occasional haircuts dome by a student at the local college apparently a wash cut restyle and blow dry is £8 and a cut n dry only £6.00.
 Okay any suggestions, points of views or how toos' would be much appreciated.
 Take care of yourselves
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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Helooooo and a recipe

Been a while since I posted anything at all, Life seemed to have taken over. I had to go and have a minor opp. My partner needed some more t.l.c than usual ( god I feel for him) he also decided to throw a birthday in there as well lol. The powers that be are STILL being annoying and I have yet to sort out anything that will help the house run smoother.
 However I did have a mad five mins in the kitchen and went through the fridge thinking there was nothing in and found I was able to pull out some sandwich mix one quiche 3 risottos and a mushroom soup(Inspired by the wonderful frogs over at frugal queen) Recipe at the bottom of this posting.

Did manage to go to a car boot and fuel my growing addiction to wool. I am happy with what I spent I think over the last 3 weeks it’s been about £25.00 I know it sounds an awful lot but it will be well used Presents for. 
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We all know Christmas Is a coming so I thought I would make granny square throws for people I believe a blanket will cost me about £2.00 to make and that will be a standard double bed size a few scarf’s and bake some peanut butter cookies along with some peppermint creams and fudge. Sounds grand but believe me when costed out I might have spent £3 per head, so I can grumble. Had another good find when shopping managed to get ready rolled marzipan for £2 per unit that coupled with the fruit cake ingredients I picked up uber cheep at my local co-op . They had a HUGE turnout of lines they would be no longer stocking. I even managed to pick up olive oil for £1.04 per litre. I know went mad and just bought EVERYTHING as I will never see it at those prices again. 

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Let me sister have a cherry pick through the pantry and she was chuffed as well. I will be able to get 4 12 inch cakes fully made up and decorated in a plain white icing for about £3.75 each. No one likes a fruit cake like my Father lol and I can pass one on to my sister and the rest can be eaten throughout the beginning part of the year. I know I can’t believe I am writing about Christmas already but I was thinking the other day , as you do if I don’t get a move on NOTHING will get done and People won’t be able to have a treat. Well the above is half theory and half WILL be done. Just need to get me bum into gear and sort out the bits so I can make what I want for some bloomin lovely people I know.
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 Ok the recipe here goes...
Take whatever mushrooms you have either I use the stalks mostly saved back from the caps used in another recipe.
Some onion, leek, or spring mushrooms. Gently
Cooking fat (your preference)
If you have a bay leaf pop one in remember dyed herbs are more concentrated so you will need about half of what you would use fresh!
IF you have a small clove of garlic and want to add that it will add to the flavour (and as you know every little helps lol) Aprox
3 stock cubes veg beef or chicken or a combination.
crème fraîche/cream/milk
 Few leftover spuds

Leftover bacon or chicken

Take all of the above ingredients adding if you want the garlic season and fry until you are happy with what you see. Take the bay leaf if used and add to the pan and pour in the stock as much or as little as you want. Myself I like quite a thick soup. If it seems a little thinner than you would like pop in some leftover potatoes. Not forgetting to remove the bay leaf pop into blender and blitz the life out of it!
 If you have any mushrooms over slice a few and pop in but no biggie if you don’t.  Sometimes I bulk mine out with a little leftover chicken or bacon. If I can I serve with homemade garlic bread I tale a French stick or the like slicing through it at an angle but not cutting it and then I mix butter garlic pepper and poppy seeds (if you have some) and just fill it all over. If there is any scrap cheese grate and sprinkle on the top (you won’t be sorry) wrap in some foil, normally if you are anything like me there is some scrap knocking about in a drawer. Gas marl 7 ish or about 200 degrees   this is nice for a winter supper type meal and I like to sever it with a leftover salad adding any bacon bits or meat to the leaves and serving alongside as well. This can be as cheep or as expensive as you like. I just know I am now hunger and need to go and do something about it lol happy eating folks