Tuesday, 11 June 2013

in for a penny....

D.B had his opp and it seems to have gone well. I took off the wadding from his eye cover and he said the floaters are there but his vision is clearer and he can make out my shape and colours for now. Tomorrow lunchtime is when we are able to remove the cover completely but for the next four weeks we will pop in eye drops 2 sorts. one lot 4 x a day another 3x a day.

Called the vets about Autumn said that she was sucking the gravy only from her renal diet food pouches and was told bring her down on Friday and they will run her bloods and possibly operate on her teeth then. Fab says I and books her in. Then had a chance conversation with Dad saying I had seen her nibble on some of the normal dry food that the rest of the clan was eating. Oh yes said Dad shes been doing that quite a bit. Rang the vet as I thought it was relevant. another £45.00 later I get off the phone so far today in theory (Friday will be the actuality) I have spent £210.00 on Autumn. I dont begrudge her a penny I want her as well as she can be for the time we have left with her. Please make the bills disappear!

as you know like Liza's Henry there is a hole in our roof. we chatted to the powers that be and they are the ones who set the premiums NOT the insurance. As fro negotiating a payment plan not on yer Nelly!(nice lil earner me thinks. this is my own personal opinion and no one else's nor is it based in /on any fact)We were put in touch with a solicitor whom I think will kick bum as Dad said. He dont sound like the buggerin' around sort! at £215 per hour I hope hes not lol.

D.B no longer wants the venue down the road for the reception . to be honest I am glad it looked a hole and for the price one part was £500.00 to dress the room. and the its they had that were available for use( a furthermore charge and that we could only hire there in house DJ was very off putting. So for now the search continues.

Did manage to take some craft with me to the hospital have a heap of unfinished bits knocking around and finished one cover and will finish another in a little while.

I am not too sure what is happening re Fathers day I have bought the gift my sister asked me to get for him and I have bought a card. I want to make a fruit cake as he loves them and its knowing what else to do might do the pajama bottoms he was talking about the other day that should serve him well. Marks n sparks here I come!

that's it for now I'm tired and am wanting me pit some bad telly to help me fella out and then some sleep. if I'm lucky lol

hope all is well with you and yours


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