Saturday, 28 July 2012


 Welcome I have threatened for years that I would start posting, but never have done, Always seeming to let something get in the way. So in the last few months there have been some changes in my life; because of this my slap dash attendance for going to the gym was swiftly reviewed. The Gym. It isn’t the b all and end all of my life but I have shifted 3 stone and there are some more needing to be shifted but have decided to go and focus on half a stone at a time.

My main love is my Father and Partner one sister and a nephew. Not forgetting the six furry freeloaders from hell (cats) and a dog named jack! Who has disarmed us all? I love to craft sewing and crochet being fast favourites, not stunning at it but I have a creative mind and decided that I needed to rid myself of the trillion (ok dozen ish) unfinished half started bits before I start one more thing.

I try to live a frugal life. I know it’s all the rage at the moand a ressesion is of no help, but it is something our family has done all its life. I had an aunt who was a young married woman during the war and it always astounded me what she would do with what she had on hand. However sadly when I was 15 she died and all that knowledge went with her I remember bits but truly I never listened to her fully, well I was 15  knew everything about nothing so over time I have taken what I remember from her and built on that. I hope with some degree of success. One mate said "well they aint dead yet so you seem to be doing ok"! lol
So what I hope to share with you along the way is my triumphs’ and my, eh um "artistic" endeavours? lol A bit about life and some info on the way that I do things. Would love to share the same with you as well. So fire away.
Hope to hear from you,

All the best