Thursday, 30 May 2013

I cant stand the rain...


We finally got to speak to someone who said do this and they told us to speak to another someone. We waited for a call back.

Hello" said a voice " We can come to you next Wednesday" when we made the call it was Tuesday.

"Dad said " hmm not happy, "we have a leek" its the roof. " what if it rains?

"Sorry said the girl Wednesday week, but if there are any cancellations or we can fit you in earlier we will"

"Dad went and made a call to someone else. lovely friendly and genuinely helpful someone else. We get a call back from ms a week next Wednesday. Her voice was dripping with insincerity and said

"we can come late Monday morning"

"we will take it said Dad".

There were suggestions of use getting a builder in and invoicing us and we send to the insurers and all the faffing around that goes with it. To be honest that made us more nervous as the initial conversation with insurance person made it sound like we were covered for naff all.

Watch this space as next week I show you how to live in a sieve and all the fun decorating you can do!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Yesterday we had rain, nothing unusual you think, me thinks the same as well. Anyhow I was sitting at the computer last night and I heard a tapping sound. Couldn’t make it out and thought that Dad may be clipping his toenails and they were hitting the hard floor, so never thought about it again.
Time came to go to bed and I was pottering sorting out D.B’s supper prepping meds nothing wild and after I got into bed I heard it again. Tap, tap, tap; we have a leak in our bedroom roof at the juncture where the fitted wardrobe ends. I am sick of this. The builders work is shoddy at best and there have been so many people through this house to try and get them to sort there act out. The organisation that deals with shoddy building work has even been in and said to them. “You may have built this to a standard but not to our standard. What he meant was that the house has been built to the minimum standard possible. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. I feel cross defeated resigned and couldn’t give a F**K. So now we have get the local housing company we have shared ownership with involved (I, We have little or no confidence in them) and the builders as well! I thank god that we are insured (but hopeful as I need to check) that the housing company are responsible for outside maintenance. However something tells me it’s only going to be sweeping up and keeping things tidy. We shall know more later today. Something has to change and not for changing sake, it’s deciding what.. What angers me even more is this is a new build I saw it being constructed. We were so please about each new brick and piece of mortar that was put in place. This has to be our forever home there is no money ever again to move. We were part of a compulsory buy out when our old was being regenerated. We were told that there would be help and we would get a fair price we got neither and had to hire a negotiator to work on ours and others behalf. There was me my father and my disable partner. No way of getting a mortgage and believe me we tried even the less then friendly places. We had to scrap for this one as well because some thicky in social services said that we would have to wait till it was built to see if it was deemed suitable for my Partner. Wouldn’t listen to the fact that we had had a big pow pow with all sorts of people regarding this. I never ever want to move again the thought leaves me cold tired and a sick feeling in my stomach.
Hate seeing dad vexed particularly in this period of life when he should be able to go easy and not worry
Last thing we need as D.B has an assessment not only that there is a carer in to help him shower and one in to sit with him whilst I go and do some bits.
Right need to get a move on
Chat later

Monday, 27 May 2013


I was surfing the net and I came across these versions for potato pastry as well
Potato Pastry

Posted on 8th July, 2011

Potato Pastry is used in a variety of recipes.

Potato Pastry (for savoury dishes)
8 oz mashed potatoes.
4 oz flour.
1 oz cooking fat.
½ teaspoonful salt.
Method-Mix the flour with the salt. Rub in the fat and work into the potato. Mix to a very dry dough with a small quantity of cold water. Knead with the fingers and roll out.
Potato Pastry (for sweet dishes)
8 oz flour.
4 oz mashed potato.
2 oz fat.
½ teaspoonful salt.
Method-Mix the flour and the salt. Cream the fat and the potato, add the flour, and a little water if necessary, to form a rather stiff dough.

Potato pastry
Treat this as you would short crust pastry and is adaptable to sweet or savoury dishes best to roll it out when it is completely cold so I would give it about an hour in the freezer.
10oz or 350g of self raising flour
If not use plain and pop in some baking powder. The ratio I use is 3 teaspoons to every 8oz
Pinch of salt 8oz or 250g block marg
60z 150g cold mashed spuds no need to make this fresh leftovers are just fine to use as well.
Make the pasty with the rubbing in method either by hand or processor. Add mash and mix together. If you are using your hands a fork will be helpful; at this stage kneed it into a ball.pop it in some cling film and chill.

Yogurt bake.
One carton of plain yogurt (I use Sainsbury basics at 45p)
2 eggs (aprox 10p each)
2 teaspoons of grain mustard. I use Aldis at 45p for a reasonable sized jar so possibly 4 p in total
Mix the above together very well
If you want you can grate some cheese on top
This is wonderful poured over any leftovers you have and baked in the oven at about 200c or until set can be served with extra veg potatoes and/or salad. Wonderful for using up your odds n ends

The above can be used in what I call a poor man’s feast.
Part boil some spuds if you haven’t any over whether they are roasted or boiled slice them up
Fry off some onions/leeks/celery very slowly add to it some scrap bacon/chicken/ham or a mix of.
Make the yogurt mix and then begin to layer starting with spuds first then some filling then pour a little of the yogurt mix on it and keep going till you have a layer of spuds left and either sprinkle with cheese or use some of the sauce mix and pop on some herbed bread crumbs.
Bake at 200c or until you like the look of it.

what recipes do you have that helps save a penny?

Chat soon

What really matters?

Saturday 25th 2013

It’s been a long day and I fell asleep in front of the telly about 8pm and woke about 10pm ish feels like I have drunk from Morpheus cup. I am now off to wake D.B and see how he is. Not been a good day for him heads been spinning and he’s been sleeping although he did managed to watch the grand prix, so I’m pleased about that.
Today there were 4 loads of laundry and a abed to change. Lunch to prep (roast budgie) and clear away, meds to give and cats to feed. I even scrubbed out downstairs loo with an inch of it’s like and decide to put the cake stand in there and use it as storage for the magazines. It Looks fab. I emptied the fridge and to my shame had to throw things out.
I have also spent another day of successfully ignoring the mountain of paper work I have to sort. If procrastination was an asset I would be world leader! :$ But its good things are beginning to have a home and I am feeling less overwhelmed. Not that I was a closet hoarder as you see in telly programmes. I can only imagine the distress it must cause to the person concerned and their loved one. However it was becoming a problem for me.
Dad fixed up the half welsh dresser for me. Its modern and practical no redeeming features but I have decided to paint it and the set of drawers it’s resting on a good jolly colour to blend it in. Dad has finished the set of drawers and it a lot better.
Bank holiday Monday
Was a busy start to the day needed sort laundry and prep brekkie. Dad was sweet and finished off the chest of drawers I have bought. This turned out to be a monumental disappointment , no not what Dad is doing the drawers themselves but I have learnt not to be so trusting and am unlikely to buy from that source this type of thing again.
I was going to spend the afternoon in the garden today but rain put pay to that. So went wild and slouched in front of the telly with tea and crochet. Fortunately there was a film I like with John Candy in it on so settled to that and zonked out
chat soon

Friday, 24 May 2013

Well the extra pennies that I had have all but gone not overly disappointed ad I used them well and the house is up and running much better than it has ever been. The last will be delivered today a set of drawers and the odd top half of a welsh dresser that I will use in the spare room for all the c.d’s and bit regarding the computer.
Today will be a day of pottering Dad is off to his group and D.B has a helper this morning. I need to go package up some bits for someone. Have been meaning to do it for yonks, so I can drop it off at the post office either today or Saturday.

I have been trying to avoid the c word (Christmas) but I know it will loom all of a sudden and I was almost caught out last year no fun crocheting to a deadline so won’t be doing that again need to work out what people will get and stick to it. I’m known for going off in tangents. Seems it’s not just in conversations but life the universe and everything in it.

Had a good chat with Dad the other day he to apparently has been reviewing his budget and decided to make some cuts. For example we would get out bins cleaned once a fortnight the cost £3.00 equals £78.00 per year we now have a pressure washer so will do it ourselves.

We also like to go for a coffee when we are out. There are not many vices we have. Neither of us drink, smoke or attend a night club or anything similar so this is a doable treat. However we did decide to see what other coffee shops are about and the cost. There’s a new one out there to meat out shrinking funds I am sure just need to do a bit of research. I also suggested that the good weather is coming soon and a takeout would be cheaper and there are plenty of pretty places to sit dad seemed good with that. I know we could take our own and save a few but with the way life goes of late this is the less stress option.

What I love to do though is pack a flask a sarnie and a book to take myself of for a few hours to Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park run by the local council and makes for a very cheap day out. I don’t normally go to the house but I hear that there are concessions and the like so I will make some enquires. Last time I went they were refurbishing and that was years ago. So long ago in fact I remember the filming a skit for “Russ Abbots Mad House”

I like Walking to the ferry and my fare over and back (£3.00 I think) and making sure I have bus fare on the way back as sometimes I over do the walking and my back gives in!

Did a little food shopping yesterday and Sainsbury’s had some plants in for £3.00 each so we bought a Passion flower. Had one before and it was beautiful covered oodles in a short space of time and I love it when climbers intermingle as you know we have a honey suckle and a rose that is slowly taking off. One rose I do want to get is called rambling rector meant to have masses of blooms and a beautiful scent. If it encourages the butterflies and bees I’m all for that. Anyheeeeeew I digress noticed food has shot up again in price and after chatting to the butcher about my meat order and relaying the conversation back to D.B he said sorry luv no can do this time round I agreed with him and said how about we just do a general meat shop there and call it quits for this month. He agreed and that’s what I will be doing. Anyway back to the supermarket sausages of any worth were £2.99 a unit. So hence the convo re the butchers.
Part 2 Sat 25th may 2013

Went into Sainsbury’s for cat food and came out a king’s ransom lighter but we were shorter of more than I thought and before I knew it my wallet was gasping on the floor. Ta Ta pennies I knew you well.

So I think I will pop on the slow cooker today and take out the very last of the lamb and casserole it with the other bits I have in the leftover shelf of the fridge. If they don’t like it they have the following options. The chippy down the road or starve I’m cool with either lol

Found an old faithful cook book the other day about how to use up your leftovers and be creative so I am thinking will share some as they are darn good and cheap, and I love cheep . it’s like a hug you get a good return and makes ya feel better!

Last of the furniture arrived yesterday tatty top half of a welsh dresser and a set of drawers. The dresser (shelves) will need a bloomin good scrub but it means I can get all the odds n sods kicking around the room up out of the way and if it still looks tatty then out comes the paint! There are a couple of places in town that sell project sized tins for about a £1 and as I only need a little will do that because I am not willing to pay out for something and then watch the remainder go off there is no saving there. I may go wild and paint the “ikea” like mini sets of drawers I have as well whilst I am at it. Might even put on the knobs I saved back from an old set of drawers. I know no stopping me! Lol.

On Friday I made a tentative step into sorting out the paperwork pile up I have by buying some folders to pop it in. Don’t knock it, it’s a start just need to actually do it now lol

Right me lovelies that’s it for now will post recipes separately. Tell me what’s going on in your world hope all is well with you and yours

Monday, 20 May 2013

Anybody out there?


Yes I know it has been a while but life kinda took over again. I have been decluttering the house like there is no tomorrow and May I add feeling oddles better about it.
Repurposed a whole heap of furniture got rid of some that was serving no purpose at all other than taking up space. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. and I never knew what a good feeling it would be to go to a cupboard or drawer and actual have confidence that I would find what I needed, ‘ark at me I sound all giddy lol.
We have a wonderful thrift shop here called Little Camden Market run by the irrepressible Dawn where I never really fail to find something of worth.

So far there has been a small oak side table in STUNNING order for £6.also found a set of bedroom drawers for £30 and a smaller set for £20. One oak book case £10. Managed to find a chair also for£8 and with some t.l.c like the rest of it. It will look fab well the book case came up a treat. For me though one of my very favorite finds as an old wooden 2 tier cake stand £15 folds flat and I thought it would be good to use when temporary storage was needed as it folds flat and can slip behind the sofa. got really lucky a while back and bought a very large curtain lined and padded out with bumf to help keep out the chills in the most stunning autumnal burnt orange (I think it’s a silk or silk mix) for a fiver, Sadly not big enough for my window (I took a hopeful punt on that one) but I will get an outfit out of it for my friends eclectic steam punk wedding.

So I will use the padding for a quilt I want to make as our new bed is a super king. Looked at the price of bedding squeaked a little and then decided to re jig what I have as the flat seem will be in the middle all will be good and I can start to re save some pennies.
The reasons for doing this mass turn out are several. I was fed up of never ever finding anything I needed and the place was beginning to look tired and I was getting to the “can’t be arsed stage” not good when there are 6 cats one dog a parent and my dearly beloved to keep an eye on!

Still ploughing on at the gym but it’s been more maintenance than anything else needs to get arse in gear for weight loss. So the chap I see has started to be mean again lol. Thing is I can’t argue he practices what he preaches and has thighs 36 inches each to prove it and that’s not when he’s in training for a competition! Dear lord all I want is to lose some lardy butt! Lol back on the chicken and rice I go lol.

I have had a few craft projects on the go still making granny squares out of old tapestry skeins think I said some were found for as little as 5p in a charity shop so went mad and bought them as the colours were rich and earthy. All of them are pure treated wool and come winter I will be glad of a snuggle blanket. Have been thinking about putting some detachable lining with it so it’s easier to wash and means that the heating can go on a little later if at all. However if D.B says he needs it on, on it will go can’t have another stay in the local hospital the last one was HOURENDIOUS!

The spare room needs a rug now we can see the floor lol went looking to see what was about and either didn’t like what I saw or didn’t like the price. To heck with it I thought and decided to make one out of all the proper rag ends of wool. I deliberately didn’t think of the colours I was using to the blend of fibres as long as they shared a similar thickness was good enough for me. Love the way in which it has turned out and has cost me sweet nothing. Well if I think about it and do a very rough costing maybe a couple of quid. Not sneezing at that. Oh that reminds me will need to do some sums for the chair I am to recover. Can’t see it costing much initially, as I have most of the bits here.

Next thing on my agenda is to sort out our paper work. We do have a system it’s called shove-it-in-a-basket-and-hope-for-the-best! But then I have always procrastinated about paper work. This is something I need to concourse as things will get very messy in the future.

One thing I will be doing this week is tackling the kitchen cupboards seeing what I have and where some changes can be made. Anyhow need to go through the freezers at least. Haven’t put the meat order in yet at the butchers so want to be sure that there is room for it all. D.B and I were chatting the other night and decided on half a pig half a lamb and a good mix of beef. I know it sounds extravagant but by doing it this way it saves so so much money lasts forever and I will make it stretch like its elastic!. Prefer doing this in the winter though as I am a stews soups and casserole type of girl love the fact that I kinda have an idea of what it will turn out like but only kind of.

Dad has been a sweetie and started to sort out the garden. He tool down the hanging basket brackets and painted them up with the hammerite type paint we got from Aldis (love that place) also a while back we picked up some mini garden logs on a role for 1/3rd the asking price in Wilkinson’s as they too were having a clear out. This will help retain some of the soil we have in a small sloping area of the garden. Dad did say he wanted different garden furniture, and he does have a pint the table is too big and will need to be re homed. But I would like to keep the benches and the chairs as they are generous in size and strong. The small pot bound apple tree I have will need feeding as this year it blossomed. I do hope we get some apples. All of a sudden the honeysuckle has taken off Whoosh! Be grand to see that mixed in with the buddleia and roses.

Right that’s enough of me and mine. How are you and yours? What have you been up to? Are you well? Happy and life not treating you too badly?
Would be wonderful to hear from you
All the best
I really must learn how to upload and post pics as I would love to share what I am doing and not find some on the net. Think for me good to see the progress I have made.