Thursday, 6 June 2013

My leftovers have leftovers

Need to go through the fridge. It looks like a car pileup .With all this stunning weather I have become deeply entrenched in the I don’t give a toss phase of cooking and going down the road for overpriced over processed crud. I NEED A KICK UP THE ARSE!!!!!!!

I THINK I will make risotto today as I have chicken coming out the wazoo and some leftover veg that with some salad and fruit for dessert should kick me back into line,
Think I will also go down the road and buy a couple of chickens and roast them off as its really salad type weather and l can’t be bothered to cook much.
Need to do some banana bread for DB as he’s mad for it and custard. Instead of making a loaf I pop the mix into muffin cases and it helps with portion control.

Banana bread

3 small or 1 medium or one small one large Banana
8ox plain flour
3 teaspoons of baking powder per 8oz
8oz of marg/butter or a mix of
4 good sized eggs
8oz sugar brown or white even a mix of.
Optional extras... some cinnamon or mix spice to taste any dries fruit mixed or otherwise
If you have a mixer throw everything into it and beat the living heck out of all the ingredients until light and fluffy.
If I am making buns/muffins I cook at 200c if you have a llb loaf tin adjust to what you think I normally go down to about 100c or just over and keep an eye on things. Leave it to cool and then slice and freeze if you are bulk making for future use.

Pea and mint soup

Depending on you love of peas and how thick you want it one bag of basics peas 1.84 celery or onion or spring onion depending on what you have about 5-10p
Pint of veg sock chicken or a mix of 1.5p per cub either basics or Everyday value
Fresh mint Free if home grown or about £1 ish from Aldi and you can take cuttings and put it in a bucket in the garden.
Season to taste, go easy with the mint as you can always add more if you want to.
Cook gently over a medium to low heat and serve with oven baked sweet potato chips
This is a new fave of mine.

I have also reviewed my milk bill and found I can buy powdered milk from Sainsbury basic for !.01 and get 6 pints for the price equaling 16.83p per pint if you add the cost of water in I guesstimate about 17p a pint. The only time I would use a pint of ordinary is when I make Yorkshire puddings using ½ pint of full fat milk but I would get 2 dozen puds out of this

If you have a potato with lots of sprouting on it peal the spud save the peelings plant then out and you should get a good small crop of spuds in about 5 months.

If an onion has started to sprout don’t throw it away use the green sprouting but as an alternative to chives and you still have the onion for cooking.

If you have bread drying out in the bread bin don’t chuck it, when the oven is next and you have turned it off put in on a oven tray and leave till the oven is cold and you will have a crisp bread of sorts for anything you fancy. I like this as an alternative to the usual bread crumbs and bread and butter pudding.
I like to keep the bread bags back for freezing other things as well
The drama on the roof continues and I am still waiting on my wedding fabric. DB has his eye op next week and I’m still procrastinating about paper work.

Off to Aldi and will catch you all later xxxxx

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  1. Couldn't agree more about not cooking when the weather is warm, I have good intentions but they don't materialise. lol
    When my kids were all at home we used powdered milk all the time. Visitors had to have it as well, don't know what they thought but then they were'nt trying to make ends meet like we were then.
    We got used to it and didn't take any notice in the end.
    Love the spud. lol