Monday, 27 May 2013


I was surfing the net and I came across these versions for potato pastry as well
Potato Pastry

Posted on 8th July, 2011

Potato Pastry is used in a variety of recipes.

Potato Pastry (for savoury dishes)
8 oz mashed potatoes.
4 oz flour.
1 oz cooking fat.
½ teaspoonful salt.
Method-Mix the flour with the salt. Rub in the fat and work into the potato. Mix to a very dry dough with a small quantity of cold water. Knead with the fingers and roll out.
Potato Pastry (for sweet dishes)
8 oz flour.
4 oz mashed potato.
2 oz fat.
½ teaspoonful salt.
Method-Mix the flour and the salt. Cream the fat and the potato, add the flour, and a little water if necessary, to form a rather stiff dough.

Potato pastry
Treat this as you would short crust pastry and is adaptable to sweet or savoury dishes best to roll it out when it is completely cold so I would give it about an hour in the freezer.
10oz or 350g of self raising flour
If not use plain and pop in some baking powder. The ratio I use is 3 teaspoons to every 8oz
Pinch of salt 8oz or 250g block marg
60z 150g cold mashed spuds no need to make this fresh leftovers are just fine to use as well.
Make the pasty with the rubbing in method either by hand or processor. Add mash and mix together. If you are using your hands a fork will be helpful; at this stage kneed it into a ball.pop it in some cling film and chill.

Yogurt bake.
One carton of plain yogurt (I use Sainsbury basics at 45p)
2 eggs (aprox 10p each)
2 teaspoons of grain mustard. I use Aldis at 45p for a reasonable sized jar so possibly 4 p in total
Mix the above together very well
If you want you can grate some cheese on top
This is wonderful poured over any leftovers you have and baked in the oven at about 200c or until set can be served with extra veg potatoes and/or salad. Wonderful for using up your odds n ends

The above can be used in what I call a poor man’s feast.
Part boil some spuds if you haven’t any over whether they are roasted or boiled slice them up
Fry off some onions/leeks/celery very slowly add to it some scrap bacon/chicken/ham or a mix of.
Make the yogurt mix and then begin to layer starting with spuds first then some filling then pour a little of the yogurt mix on it and keep going till you have a layer of spuds left and either sprinkle with cheese or use some of the sauce mix and pop on some herbed bread crumbs.
Bake at 200c or until you like the look of it.

what recipes do you have that helps save a penny?

Chat soon

What really matters?

Saturday 25th 2013

It’s been a long day and I fell asleep in front of the telly about 8pm and woke about 10pm ish feels like I have drunk from Morpheus cup. I am now off to wake D.B and see how he is. Not been a good day for him heads been spinning and he’s been sleeping although he did managed to watch the grand prix, so I’m pleased about that.
Today there were 4 loads of laundry and a abed to change. Lunch to prep (roast budgie) and clear away, meds to give and cats to feed. I even scrubbed out downstairs loo with an inch of it’s like and decide to put the cake stand in there and use it as storage for the magazines. It Looks fab. I emptied the fridge and to my shame had to throw things out.
I have also spent another day of successfully ignoring the mountain of paper work I have to sort. If procrastination was an asset I would be world leader! :$ But its good things are beginning to have a home and I am feeling less overwhelmed. Not that I was a closet hoarder as you see in telly programmes. I can only imagine the distress it must cause to the person concerned and their loved one. However it was becoming a problem for me.
Dad fixed up the half welsh dresser for me. Its modern and practical no redeeming features but I have decided to paint it and the set of drawers it’s resting on a good jolly colour to blend it in. Dad has finished the set of drawers and it a lot better.
Bank holiday Monday
Was a busy start to the day needed sort laundry and prep brekkie. Dad was sweet and finished off the chest of drawers I have bought. This turned out to be a monumental disappointment , no not what Dad is doing the drawers themselves but I have learnt not to be so trusting and am unlikely to buy from that source this type of thing again.
I was going to spend the afternoon in the garden today but rain put pay to that. So went wild and slouched in front of the telly with tea and crochet. Fortunately there was a film I like with John Candy in it on so settled to that and zonked out
chat soon