Monday, 1 April 2013

Sneezy not happy and there is no point in getting the Doc!

Try as I might im unable to add any pics grrrrr I have had a bit of a light cold lingering and in the last few days BANG it moved in. I have now managed to pass it on to my man. Poor sod hes got enough going on without a cold to make him feel jolly. To top it all we are low on loo paper and hankies are getting low. So I had a eureka moment and remembered in my stash I had some unmatched pair of jammies. Primarnie special no less. So I will be making hankies. Did look at buying some a while back but there were 6 of iffy quality for the best part of £9 and we decided not to pay that for what it was, so I'm going to make friends with my sewing machine today. Need to Make some pastry as well as I managed to get a joint of topside very cheaply and made a roast yesterday. There is plenty over so pasty's and possibly a meat and potato pie will need to see how it goes. A while back I was lucky enough to get some needlepoint wool for 5p a skein and nice n fat they were to. So as Christmas bit me on the bum last year out came the hook last week and into granny squares they go. Beautiful colours and pure wool as well. So I need to be sure to pop a care label in with the gift.. Think thats enough to be going on with for today. So whats everyone else up to?