Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Morning all

Well life thickens as it does, Have needed to go to the vets a lot this week cats are getting older and health needs are rearing there very ugly heads.
I have six furry free loaders. Don’t get me wrong they are very much loved and wanted but gee their bums lol.

My eldest Dora is thankfully in good nick went and had a check up and we believe she has the very early stages of arthritis.

My other girl Clover (youngest) has a bladder condition that gives her permanent cystitis so I need to order pills on line. Thank god they are not on prescription! So easy enough for me to do.

We also have my old boy Bramble who bless his is a scrawny thing with a heart murmur and a thinning coat. He always looks puzzled by life and has the sharpest claws I have ever encountered. Well last year he developed a sarcoma and we had the affected area removed but it came back so we had the ear amputated. The sarcoma was called something unpronounceable and apparently as a rule only dogs get this on their spleen! And to top it all I needed to take him back to the vets yesterday he had a serotonin growth on the side of his cheek and the Vet said this is what horns are made of. Tell me she said does this cat ever get anything normal? lol nope not our Bramble!

Then there is Autumn who’s markings made me think of falling leaves she is my golden eyed VERY independent miss, she is not so well. Her Hyperthyroidism has escalated and we need to try and get 2 pills a day down her, which is proving to be interesting and to put the icing on the cake she now has the onset of renal failure and needs to go on a special diet, at £30 per week this coupled with he fact that my clan are getting older. There are 6 of them and diets have now to be changed so that’s about £20 per week for them. Seriously though I am looking very hard at what deals are about and what they will eat.

I am thinking I need to do some serious math! Lol As I am getting married next year and to top it all the insurance will not cover the roof. It frighteners me as to the potential cost. We are at the moment talking to the building council as to the builders liability, long long story but believe me I want to yell and kick arse but will go softly as that’s the best way to do it for now.

So looks like another VERY homemade Christmas again this year but within limits. Last year I crocheted me Butt off for people and (I know you shouldn’t expect a thank you) not even an acknowledgement of thanks.

So will sew gift bags and see what they have in the budget section of the charity shops and car boot. And make an adult jamboree pack.

On a brighter note we are having a fab make do and med session in the garden. The fence is being painted with a nice rich brown colour and Dad had painted up the hanging basket brackets and stand for the sun brolly. That one needs fixing but a bit of wood and a screw and job done.

I am hoping there will be enough paint over to freshen up the wooden furniture we have as well fingers crossed.
Refreshed the hanging baskets and planted some seed in them that we have had around for god knows how long but what the heck see how it goes. Dad said he would pressure wash down our very very small patio area so should brighten it up with a good bit of effort.

The pippin apple tree I bought and popped in a planter has flowered and looks like it will bear us some fruit and the herbs are going on well. Planted some nasturtiums and they will be good in a salad and bring wonderful colour to the garden. Not only that I love the idea of them self seeding as did the wild geranium I brought from the last house. Hoping that the packet of “love in the mist” when scattered will do the same. Such a pretty pale blue flower and is one of my favourites.

So that’s it for now just need to get arse into gear and go forth so to speak!
How’s life in your world?
Chat soon

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