Thursday, 30 May 2013

I cant stand the rain...


We finally got to speak to someone who said do this and they told us to speak to another someone. We waited for a call back.

Hello" said a voice " We can come to you next Wednesday" when we made the call it was Tuesday.

"Dad said " hmm not happy, "we have a leek" its the roof. " what if it rains?

"Sorry said the girl Wednesday week, but if there are any cancellations or we can fit you in earlier we will"

"Dad went and made a call to someone else. lovely friendly and genuinely helpful someone else. We get a call back from ms a week next Wednesday. Her voice was dripping with insincerity and said

"we can come late Monday morning"

"we will take it said Dad".

There were suggestions of use getting a builder in and invoicing us and we send to the insurers and all the faffing around that goes with it. To be honest that made us more nervous as the initial conversation with insurance person made it sound like we were covered for naff all.

Watch this space as next week I show you how to live in a sieve and all the fun decorating you can do!


  1. Hope it gets sorted soon and fingers crossed for sunshine!

  2. Hello Kitten.
    welcome to my world . So do we.oh the joys xxx