Friday, 24 May 2013

Well the extra pennies that I had have all but gone not overly disappointed ad I used them well and the house is up and running much better than it has ever been. The last will be delivered today a set of drawers and the odd top half of a welsh dresser that I will use in the spare room for all the c.d’s and bit regarding the computer.
Today will be a day of pottering Dad is off to his group and D.B has a helper this morning. I need to go package up some bits for someone. Have been meaning to do it for yonks, so I can drop it off at the post office either today or Saturday.

I have been trying to avoid the c word (Christmas) but I know it will loom all of a sudden and I was almost caught out last year no fun crocheting to a deadline so won’t be doing that again need to work out what people will get and stick to it. I’m known for going off in tangents. Seems it’s not just in conversations but life the universe and everything in it.

Had a good chat with Dad the other day he to apparently has been reviewing his budget and decided to make some cuts. For example we would get out bins cleaned once a fortnight the cost £3.00 equals £78.00 per year we now have a pressure washer so will do it ourselves.

We also like to go for a coffee when we are out. There are not many vices we have. Neither of us drink, smoke or attend a night club or anything similar so this is a doable treat. However we did decide to see what other coffee shops are about and the cost. There’s a new one out there to meat out shrinking funds I am sure just need to do a bit of research. I also suggested that the good weather is coming soon and a takeout would be cheaper and there are plenty of pretty places to sit dad seemed good with that. I know we could take our own and save a few but with the way life goes of late this is the less stress option.

What I love to do though is pack a flask a sarnie and a book to take myself of for a few hours to Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park run by the local council and makes for a very cheap day out. I don’t normally go to the house but I hear that there are concessions and the like so I will make some enquires. Last time I went they were refurbishing and that was years ago. So long ago in fact I remember the filming a skit for “Russ Abbots Mad House”

I like Walking to the ferry and my fare over and back (£3.00 I think) and making sure I have bus fare on the way back as sometimes I over do the walking and my back gives in!

Did a little food shopping yesterday and Sainsbury’s had some plants in for £3.00 each so we bought a Passion flower. Had one before and it was beautiful covered oodles in a short space of time and I love it when climbers intermingle as you know we have a honey suckle and a rose that is slowly taking off. One rose I do want to get is called rambling rector meant to have masses of blooms and a beautiful scent. If it encourages the butterflies and bees I’m all for that. Anyheeeeeew I digress noticed food has shot up again in price and after chatting to the butcher about my meat order and relaying the conversation back to D.B he said sorry luv no can do this time round I agreed with him and said how about we just do a general meat shop there and call it quits for this month. He agreed and that’s what I will be doing. Anyway back to the supermarket sausages of any worth were £2.99 a unit. So hence the convo re the butchers.
Part 2 Sat 25th may 2013

Went into Sainsbury’s for cat food and came out a king’s ransom lighter but we were shorter of more than I thought and before I knew it my wallet was gasping on the floor. Ta Ta pennies I knew you well.

So I think I will pop on the slow cooker today and take out the very last of the lamb and casserole it with the other bits I have in the leftover shelf of the fridge. If they don’t like it they have the following options. The chippy down the road or starve I’m cool with either lol

Found an old faithful cook book the other day about how to use up your leftovers and be creative so I am thinking will share some as they are darn good and cheap, and I love cheep . it’s like a hug you get a good return and makes ya feel better!

Last of the furniture arrived yesterday tatty top half of a welsh dresser and a set of drawers. The dresser (shelves) will need a bloomin good scrub but it means I can get all the odds n sods kicking around the room up out of the way and if it still looks tatty then out comes the paint! There are a couple of places in town that sell project sized tins for about a £1 and as I only need a little will do that because I am not willing to pay out for something and then watch the remainder go off there is no saving there. I may go wild and paint the “ikea” like mini sets of drawers I have as well whilst I am at it. Might even put on the knobs I saved back from an old set of drawers. I know no stopping me! Lol.

On Friday I made a tentative step into sorting out the paperwork pile up I have by buying some folders to pop it in. Don’t knock it, it’s a start just need to actually do it now lol

Right me lovelies that’s it for now will post recipes separately. Tell me what’s going on in your world hope all is well with you and yours

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