Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Yesterday we had rain, nothing unusual you think, me thinks the same as well. Anyhow I was sitting at the computer last night and I heard a tapping sound. Couldn’t make it out and thought that Dad may be clipping his toenails and they were hitting the hard floor, so never thought about it again.
Time came to go to bed and I was pottering sorting out D.B’s supper prepping meds nothing wild and after I got into bed I heard it again. Tap, tap, tap; we have a leak in our bedroom roof at the juncture where the fitted wardrobe ends. I am sick of this. The builders work is shoddy at best and there have been so many people through this house to try and get them to sort there act out. The organisation that deals with shoddy building work has even been in and said to them. “You may have built this to a standard but not to our standard. What he meant was that the house has been built to the minimum standard possible. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. I feel cross defeated resigned and couldn’t give a F**K. So now we have get the local housing company we have shared ownership with involved (I, We have little or no confidence in them) and the builders as well! I thank god that we are insured (but hopeful as I need to check) that the housing company are responsible for outside maintenance. However something tells me it’s only going to be sweeping up and keeping things tidy. We shall know more later today. Something has to change and not for changing sake, it’s deciding what.. What angers me even more is this is a new build I saw it being constructed. We were so please about each new brick and piece of mortar that was put in place. This has to be our forever home there is no money ever again to move. We were part of a compulsory buy out when our old was being regenerated. We were told that there would be help and we would get a fair price we got neither and had to hire a negotiator to work on ours and others behalf. There was me my father and my disable partner. No way of getting a mortgage and believe me we tried even the less then friendly places. We had to scrap for this one as well because some thicky in social services said that we would have to wait till it was built to see if it was deemed suitable for my Partner. Wouldn’t listen to the fact that we had had a big pow pow with all sorts of people regarding this. I never ever want to move again the thought leaves me cold tired and a sick feeling in my stomach.
Hate seeing dad vexed particularly in this period of life when he should be able to go easy and not worry
Last thing we need as D.B has an assessment not only that there is a carer in to help him shower and one in to sit with him whilst I go and do some bits.
Right need to get a move on
Chat later

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  1. Ahh Rachel,
    Hoping you have a better, brighter day today,
    Love the other Rachel xx