Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Walk like an egyption


Well what a day it was yesterday. My Fiancés son arrived with his new partner and her two children oh my! So, different to the last one. She has a good relationship with her kids and talks to them. Boy is 11 and girl 9. They came into my home and were lily funny and not a bit spoilt. There were please and thank yous. Our home is a bit topsy turvy. It’s a town house spread over 3 story’s and the living room is on the middle floor. I was asked by the eldest if I minded him going into the living room then he came back down to ask if he could watch television! Unheard of with the last lot.

Normally when we would meet up with the last partner his son(J) had she would always declare that they were broke and bills were falling behind and my DB being the sweetie he is would end up shelling out money even for petrol! The income that came into that house was really very good and it was J’s partner who was very bad at managing it, spending as much as £30 one week on trash magazines like star and now. She was quite proud to declare this once when we were on lest frosty terms. What I had worked out early on was her strategy. We would go shopping and there would be little interjections of “oh that’s pretty and such a good price” and DB would end up buying it.

This time he only put his hand in his pocket for them once and that was for coffee. I was going to potter off and do a little browsing then meet up with them later and was in the process of doing so and J’s partner said no we can do bits together. I was so natural.

The icing on the cake was when we went into an antique place (nothing more than posh junk really but the owners like the title lol) and I found my wedding ring. Not only was it vintage but I have big fingers it was my size and to cap it all it was 22 karat Egyptian gold. DB loves Egypt so we had a bit of a haggle and came to an agreement. I was to pop off and get some pennies from the cash point.

I tried to twice and both times the machine mocked me declaring “you have overdone it no more withdrawals for you to day”! Fortunately when asking it for £20 less it spat out the pennies. Relief was ours.

I nipped back to pay and went to find my partner back at the car and he’d sloped off for a cheeky burger at a very popular outdoors cafe we like to use.
To round things off I took a chance at the new dressmakers that has opened up by the key side. Cheekily I asked her if she would supply me with a made to measure pattern and not only was she willing to do that she had the fabric in the colour and weight that I wanted . So will phone and book an appointment with her today to sort this out. I am one very lucky woman.

So far it’s been very hassle free dealing with finding people to help with our wedding. Florist is where we had a cuppa earlier on and she can do all the twiddliy bits as well. Like me she keeps a very close eye on detail! lol and her prices are excellent and she too like the dressmaker is local and independent. The lady who is teaching me how to sew said she would make the dress. My father’s Minister has agreed to marry us. Just need to find a photographer and I believe dad has an ex work colleague who is in the business now so TA DA! So far today’s spending has been well within the monies we have set aside for our wedding.

We rounded off this beautiful day by being wonderfully domestic and very VERY lazy I nipped down the road for a celebratory chippy tea and we ate in bed watching Shrek. I know I know not good but was faaaaaaaab. Mind you I was counting sheep by 10pm
How was your day? Did you achieve a goal you had set or did you have a well deserved gentle day?
All the best


  1. Oooo how exciting getting your wedding sorted x you new daughter in law sounds lovely! Can't wait to read more of this as time goes on!

  2. EEK I am arnt I going to be a MOTHER IN LAW eeek! never gave that an ounce of thought. I also means at the age of 45 I will become a step great grandmother is well! that will teach me for marring an older fella lol. will post as and wen event happen re the wedding. thanks for dropping by was wonderful to hear from you.
    all the best