Thursday, 4 April 2013

odds n sods

Not a lot going on here at the moment I am, still full of cold and believe me coughing till yer throat hurts whist wondering if you can blag a free sample of Tenna lady is not attractive. Even less so in writing! And the crowning glory is a cold sore the size of a 3rd head, look out vogue here I come.

So no knitting group for me, well they knit and I make granny squares. I have a thing for rag wool and pushing how far I can make what I have go. The randomness of it is very appealing and the real gash stuff I just crochet flat together and uses it for lining a tea cosy. No one can see it and works a treat. This year as a rule people will get one for Christmas. However decided on making another blanket we have some home helpers that come in to give me a little break from being at home all the time in case DB needs me. Sometimes I go out or focus on a craft/job that needs doing. Talking of Christmas, believe there is still some old cards in the drawer that we were sent so a low budget ch5 film me and a pair of scissors have a date this afternoon. I’m thinking gift tags, small boxes for sweets and maybe a few discs to make a Christmas decoration or two. However I really must iron the pre loved wrapping paper I have put away to re use next year.

I desperately want the house to have some furniture re located and one member is dragging his heals a bit. I have no expectation of them moving various pieces, removal me are excellent at that. However 2 days of chaos for long term benefit is not much to ask, so I will keep asking!

As I am still full of crud the hankies I made the other day are fine but I need something softer as all the blowing and rubbing has left me sore. Think there was some soft cotton fabric in my stash so will hunt it out and make some.
Went for a wander in our local coop the day or so ago and they had parsnips on the reduced shelf so I bought about 3 packets. Blanching them and freezing is the way to go as I am in no mood to faf around at the mo. That includes what to do for lunch today that don’t involve me using my I.Q so jacket spud and beans it is .I fancy putting some Marmite in my beans and I have a little very strong cheddar to go over the top.
Any ideas how to shift this cold would be appreciated hope you are all well


  1. Hi You're a woman after my own heart. When my lot were small I used to make them take the christmas wrapping paper off really carefully and like you stand and iron it for next year. It didn't do them any harm but on the other hand my frugelness didn't rub off on them, they wouldn't dream of doing it. lol
    The cold you have is all over the shop, so many people have it, mine finally went after about 5 weeks. Now my daughter has it.
    Love your blog and will be coming back for more.
    Keep warm

  2. Just thought, I heard of a good cure for a cough the other day, haven't tried it but it sounds as though it might work.
    chop an onion very,very small and put into a small jar, cover with sugar and wait until it goes syrupy, take a teaspoonful when you cough, top up with more sugar as it goes down.

  3. Apparently before bed apply a thick layer of vapour rub to your feet. Pop socks on . Supposed to stop coughing at night. I've been waiting for a cough to try it!! How mad is that??