Tuesday, 2 April 2013

and those who pass...

It was my father’s late fiancés 80th birthday yesterday. We went to the memorial gardens and Dad took some flowers. I learnt something as well I knew he was a strong man private in his thoughts and deeds but compassion in him is deep and he feels things more keenly than he would ever tell. I think this has always been known to me but yesterday it was raw. Mourning a passed loved one is regrettably nothing new and miss J more than I thought possible.
We have benefited from her love and grace (she was in the first batch of women to be ordained priest in Brittan second in the UK) Never thinking in her lifetime that this would happen, but happy to paved the way for others to follow.

Next year I am to be married and would have loved for J to have blessed my marriage. However she will be with me in spirit. Dad was so sweet he allowed me to have the beautiful antique cameo broach he bought for her and I would love to wear it on my special day.
On a lighter note w went into town after and did a little shopping. There is a very well priced charity shop near to the supermarket I use and I found a part Denby dinner service for £6.00. I believe (off the top of my head) there were 20 pieces plates’ bowls varying sizes in total so I didn't feel robbed.

I also got lucky with a lager sized shirt liked the style but not the fabric, so I will be brave and un-pick it as I would like a pattern for some summer shirts. ere get me makes it sound like I have a different wardrobe for each season. Nope I mostly do the I’m-not-naked-please-rejoice! un seasonal wardrobe. Just grateful for not being arrested!

As fabric is (like everything at the moment) soooooo expensive what I have been doing is this buying good quality 2ndhand bedding in plain colours. Often I have also found it cheaper to break down a garment for buttons zips and what not than buying new. With this though you have to make a judgment call and so far I have been very lucky, ok so there was that one crashing failure (I am still learning) tried to recycle a jeans zip. All I can say is I’m thankful that I had a long top on!
So this will be my first shirt not from a paper patter. A might to easy me thinks. I will unpick and make one form this old shirt I found and will use the fabric as anti slip bottoms for the slippers being crocheted for gifts.
Right I need to make a move people won’t be up and sorted and I am meeting my stepson to be new girlfriend and her children. Also need to rummage in the fridge for eats today. I do this about once a week have what I call a fridge picnic normally rustle up something. I know we have some toms and lettuce so am thinking a bacon mushroom and leek frittata and if I remember rightly there is a little bit of very strong cheddar there to top it off.
Right I’m gone would be fab if you wanted to give me an insight to your part of the world
All the best

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  1. I guess you'll be watching the Sewing Bee on tv, We might get some ideas and inspiration from this. I know it has already made me want to get sewing clothes again.
    You got a real bargain with the denby, I got some at a car boot once and its so strong, you can drop it and really be mean to it, perfect for me.