Saturday, 6 April 2013

And the blegh goes on and on and on....

Morning all

Thanks to those who offered suggestions on how to get rid of the cough. Finally I admitted defeat and went to my pharmacist and spluttered all over him. He gave a bottle of something alarmingly pink and completely unpronounceable that is helping quite a bit.

Yesterday was really lazy in fact I did a level of naff all that even surprised me.
In the morning we had one of DB’s cares in, she is a joy to behold and truth be known we would both miss her terribly if ever she needed to move jobs. So whilst she de scuzzed himself I changed the bed and did some laundry. We are never without laundry in this house.

However I did start on some softer hankies made out of an old candy stripped single sheet I had. So look out cold next time I come armed!

I know one of you watched the sewing Bea programme that was on. I managed to catch some of it. I came to on a stupor and caught snippets of it so will do the watch again thingy on line with a cuppa when I get the chance.

Had a nice discovery the other day. The florist that will be doing my bouquet and bits holds workshops for arraigning flowers. My level of skill in this department is this
Open flowers.
Cut off ends remembering it’s the end without the pretties.
Put in water
Hope they last
As I don’t drink, drive, smoke, run a car or go to the theatre (god that looks really boring lol) I thought bugger it I’m going to treat myself to a class.
Today will be a gentle day of easy potter and will prep a roast for tomorrow and something that won’t poison us today lol

Right I need a shower as I smell like the wrong end of a rhino! And I need some brekkie

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