Sunday, 7 April 2013

Yesterday was a much better day. I was speaking to DB just about life in general and we go to talking of housekeeping and what I do and where it goes and I was able to let go of some of my concerns. I try not to burden him as he isn’t well but as he said “darlin” what the (bleep) do you think I’m here for.

So today we are going to go through all the cupboards and the freezers and make an inventory see what we have and where we can go from there. I said that I was feeling overwhelmed and that if there was any leftover food the need for me to use it up and cook different for him and my Father. We discussed also how some days he starts the day wanting one thing but goes off the idea by the time he’s ready to eat and I have already cooked it. This isn’t because he’s an awkward sod it is to do with the condition he has. So we will find a better way of how to combat this. The weight he has lifted from my shoulders is huge I feel truly up lifted and able to achieve so much more regarding the house and our life in it. I am good at some areas budget craft and other frugal bits and my cooking is fine. Just with moving house DB and myself re adjusting to a change in his heath I got lost.

Dad was really kind yesterday (not that he isn’t) He came home with not only a pressure washer but a new hose and real for the garden. Is a small space mostly laid to patio and after all this rough weather we have been having he has offered to spruce the garden up. Even suggesting a different garden table as what we have is really too big. I didn’t like to suggest it as I made a bit of a song and dace about finding the patio set we have now. I did say to him about the cost but the delicious rotter has be secretly saving pennies back and wanted to surprise me. I will treat him to a good lunch today I have a small joint of beef in the fridge I was going to stretch 4 ways, bleep it roast n yorkies it is think I will go mad with a rice pudding as well!

How do you make your Yorkshire puddings I use the following recipe but if you have one that is successful and a little more cost effective I would love to try it out.

9oz plain flour
4 large eggs
1/2 pint full fat milk
Beet the living heck out of it and leave to stand for a bit. re beat it and then ladle into searing hot bun tins half filled with hot hot oil.

What are you doing with you Sunday? Would love to hear from you
Have a wonderful day

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