Monday, 8 April 2013

On reflection

It’s been a funny old couple of days Next week I will pay the last instalment of the vet bill and essentially be debt free, apart from the usual bills and I will be looking at how I can reduce those a little further.

It also got me to thinking about the lack of savings I have. What’s been happening is I would save some back things would get iffy or a bill would come in. I would then use it to square away that problem and end up back where I started. OK but not good.

I have no plans for a funeral or even a will. Morbid I know but look to this I must.

Savings what is affordable and feasible ways of earning a little extra.

Formalise some of my wedding plans and act on the results

Organise my wardrobe. Do I need all I have? Make repairs.

Thin out my stash of craft stuff and re home what is no longer needed.

Continue to sort out the freezers and food cupboards.

I also came across a link to a blog called A girl called Jack about the struggles she has had and the way in which she dealt with them.
This is no flaky look-at-me-I-can-pretend-to-be-poor-but-I'm-not-really-blog. Like me there are many of you out there struggling to find a way through this seemingly never ending time of recession. This is beautifully written and compellingly honest.

I found myself responding to her post regarding this daft (in my opinion) of what social group you think you belong to and in truth (supposedly) you belong to. This is my response...

Apparently according to this I am Precariat (whatever that means) it does not take into account that I am a full time career or that I withdrew from university( got there under my own steam despite being very dyslexic and having dyscalculia) to be so. My fiancé is the foster son of the retired world authority on Ben Britten who stipulated on his demise he should be given (foster father) first refusal to purchase his home from the estate. I am also a house wife user of the library go to what I can for free and pay my way by giving back appropriate to the situation. I barter and cook from scratch love the theater and the arts but can’t afford to go. I have been on the verge of homelessness twice and could only afford to buy into a shared ownership property that it is unlikely I will ever be able to move from this. It took every single penny we had and then some from the compulsory purchased ex local authority home we bought . Me I see life this way. I am me slightly lumpy from life (aren’t we all) and I love the life I have. Glad to see you are up and running again Jack love the blog and recipes thanks for continuing to share.

SOOOOOO this silly calculation of class bracket doesn’t have a category for me (thank god)! And if you are ragingly normal like the many millions of us are you will thankfully not fit into their box either. (Welcome to the dark side)

So I am going to take my socially low self off and cook in a semi rented oven in a semi rented house in the charity shop pans that I bought with my careers money and scrounge up a leftovers meal of quiche and a budget collage pie I can afford to do as the mince was reduced and so were the spuds. Lol

So tell me what floats yer boat or makes you exasperated? Speak soon


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