Thursday, 1 August 2013

Where does the time fly?


It’s been a hectic period in this home of late lots of bits getting done. I have been away from the gym as I think I have a stress fracture in my foot and x-ray this week will confirm it or not.

I like to read a blog called fugal queen. About a woman’s journey from debt into financial freedom and living well within her means. I came across this blog by accident and it has proven to be a useful tool in making me think outside the box a bit more. Always did live cheep but not always as creatively as I would have liked to.
I now look at what I spend and try and push it a little further.

This month I have taken what I have had in my fridge and wrung the living life out of it. Finally I’m on its last gasps so today’s menu looks like this.
Ingredients available
3 spring onions
A small bit of cheese
Couple of toms
A pepper
Small bit of cucumber.
And the ends of some beetroot
A lettuce heart some homemade potato salad made (from a 14p tin new spuds using some of the spring onion greens)
And some Sainsbury’s basics Cole slaw witch I padded out with a fat carrot and it worked a treat
There are also some spuds (fresh) and a little buttery type spread.
I have about ½ pint of milk and 4 eggs. This is the plan.
Beat the eggs add milk and seasoning chop up ALL of the spring onions and great the cheese mix with the egg and add as much of the milk as wanted. Poor into a baking dish. Pop on a sliced tom and bake for about 20 mins ish on 150-200degrees. Will chop up reaming lettuce tomato and scrappy bit of cucumber and add the bit of leftover slaw, beetroot and spud salad to go with.
There are a couple of banana buns in the freezer for himself and I shall bake some basic biscuits to have with a cuppa.


Finally the dressmaker has ordered the fabric so next stage would be getting the pattern cut. Other things are progressing S.L.O.W.L.Y. I know himself would like a hog roast somewhere for the reception but I feel it’s going to be a little too expensive. I have heard of a community hall that has a kitchen bar and a good space for people, usual amenities as well and I feel finally he is willing to go and have a look. We could hire someone to assist with the catering to help side step some of the cost. As I said “Darling I am marring you” “If others want to join us that’s fine but truly if they’re going to judge us on the meal ect then frankly I would rather just have a micro sized day (we will be a small party anyhow) than try to please others before you” he agreed so now all I have to do is get his arse out and get him to have a look see lol


We seem to have progress of sorts the organization that (threw up) built our home said they will foot the bill for all damage both inside and out I do hope they mean to replace my built in wardrobe as well. We called as we had heard nothing for a bit and were told that another builder should have contacted us and would do so by 4pm yesterday. Surprise surprise no call so that is a job for this morning. Keep you posted on that one.


Dearly beloved wanted some lightweight cotton jammie bottoms. We are trying not to spend unnecessarily and I was lucky enough to find such a pattern free on line what would fit him. So far all I have been able to do is print the darn thing out. I did get very lucky in a charity shop, found one double and one king-sized quilt cover for 99p each rang and asked him if he minded pink he was cool with that lol so it looks like I’m going to get at least 4 pairs out of it and have some fabric left for patchwork! Now that’s my Idea of good use.


Dad has turned in to a re vamped Tommy Walsh and is doing OK for a man whose not into D.I.Y. a set of shelves for me near my side of the bed he’s done a STUNNING job of a very beet up set of drawers and they have pride of place beside my bed. Also a
Couple of cupboards for me in the kitchen. Can’t tell you the difference it has made and a shelf over the radiator so I can pop my radio on there and move my mixer to a small piece of non nondescript worktop and make better use of the very little space I have.

Recently I have been on the hunt for furniture as you know I want pieces that are cheap made of wood and have some strength to them so far I have been very lucky thanks to a small thrift shop I know of. I even managed to get a free piece that she was offering as a giveaway no on collected and I asked if it was still free and home it will come sometime next week when she is back from holiday. We were lucky enough to score a new to us table and chairs for the garden that will suit the space we have much better and my sister can have the larger set. £25.00

I also found a Parker knoll chair for £4.00. I stripped it and the labels were still attached and one was stuck to the frame saying 9th September 1956 even gave the number of the piece worker and the type of fabric it was. And have some sample curtains I picked up in a sale for £2.50 each fully lined and there is more than enough to cover the chair and line it. Dad said he would polish up the wood ass it is a chair with legs and not a recliner. Can’t wait will be fab. I think by the time we have finished it will have cost a maximum of £10 all in. Will post pictures.

Dad has shown an interest in also sprucing up the dining chairs and I have said I will cover them hose is going to look fab and we will have spent little. Looking forward to that. The reason why I am going for it a t the mo is there are some very small funds available and I want to, well for me at least future proof the house. I know a time is coming quite soon always happens sooner that you think where funds won’t just be lumpy they will be static and that’s that. So if I do things now. I won’t have to worry about wear and tear other than at some date new seat pads or a mattress that sort of thing, as wood always can be freshened up. I also have enough basic skills to re cover seat pads and make cushions and the like.

I can honestly say despite the challenges and the down days I am happy with this period of my life feels like I am getting somewhere and am moving forward but with direction.
Please let me know whats going on in your world would love to hear. all the best

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