Friday, 29 March 2013

PST are you there?

It has been a long while since I have posted but life has a tendency of flying WHOOSH! When you least expect it. Since last blogged I have become engaged and my partner has had a wobbly spell of worsening heath but that has reached a Plato also one of the Moggies got good and sick. So, one amputated ear and a whole heap of scans later he’s up and running. Unlike my purse which is gasping its last like a hooked fish. Also I have had a birthday and a day out with some of the craft group I belong to. Money is tight like it is for all but I found one excellent charity shop very fair with it prices and came home armed with enough wool to crochet a top and finish a blanket off (Christmas present for a friend) this year I am making all of the treats for festive days here. It keeps me busy and I love the challenge of making a little go a long way. We needed some draught excluders for the doors and as luck would have it poppa replaced some of his well worn socks. So I will sew them together into tubes and fill with the scrap fabric and fleece trimmings from my sewing and make some excluders. We also need to decorate and I long to put some paint on the walls. However, it is deciding on what colours we like and the cost involved. Me, I am happy to buy a white as a base colour and then dilute a stronger colour into it. The headboard in our room has lost its appeal so I have decided to take the old changing screen from the cupboard and re cover it. As for food shopping luck was with me this week on yesterday (day after pay day) went into our local co op and they had beef joints, chicken, Parsnips and fruit all reduced so I bit the bullet and splurged. I will not have to shop for a very long time. I have set aside some money for basics like bread and milk etc. And the rest will take care of itself. I did get very lucky in one of our budget charity shops and found a matching pair of high quality hand finished and weighted curtains for £2.00 I kid you not. They weren’t long enough so I cut the top off on attached it to the other and have enough fabric liner and stiffener not only to make a tie back but to stiffen the base of a shopping bag I want to make. As some of you know (or not) I like to cook So I thought I would experiment as my idea was going to cost nothing so went wild and I did. I was pealing a heap of veg to go with a budget pork chop and I looked at the peelings they were in good order so I popped them into a colander and rinsed them off added some seasoning 2 basics chicken stock cubes and a bay leaf popped on to simmer then blended. Bloomin’ ‘ansome so that’s in the fridge to be served with egg salad sarnies for lunch tomorrow. Any leftover will go in the freezer and be kept back for a mix up in the slow cooker. Right book a warm bed and me fella is calling me I’m off to partake in a snuggle.

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