Saturday, 28 July 2012


 Welcome I have threatened for years that I would start posting, but never have done, Always seeming to let something get in the way. So in the last few months there have been some changes in my life; because of this my slap dash attendance for going to the gym was swiftly reviewed. The Gym. It isn’t the b all and end all of my life but I have shifted 3 stone and there are some more needing to be shifted but have decided to go and focus on half a stone at a time.

My main love is my Father and Partner one sister and a nephew. Not forgetting the six furry freeloaders from hell (cats) and a dog named jack! Who has disarmed us all? I love to craft sewing and crochet being fast favourites, not stunning at it but I have a creative mind and decided that I needed to rid myself of the trillion (ok dozen ish) unfinished half started bits before I start one more thing.

I try to live a frugal life. I know it’s all the rage at the moand a ressesion is of no help, but it is something our family has done all its life. I had an aunt who was a young married woman during the war and it always astounded me what she would do with what she had on hand. However sadly when I was 15 she died and all that knowledge went with her I remember bits but truly I never listened to her fully, well I was 15  knew everything about nothing so over time I have taken what I remember from her and built on that. I hope with some degree of success. One mate said "well they aint dead yet so you seem to be doing ok"! lol
So what I hope to share with you along the way is my triumphs’ and my, eh um "artistic" endeavours? lol A bit about life and some info on the way that I do things. Would love to share the same with you as well. So fire away.
Hope to hear from you,

All the best



  1. Hey whoop whoop that wasn't so bad was it? Congrats in losing the weight and I look forward to your next blog post xx

  2. I think you may have given me the kick up the bum ive needed for so long to start blogging! I try to live as frugally as possible and reuse and recycle wherever possible. This usually involves food and I would love to be able to do some sort of craftwork but have never been able to sew, either by hand or machine but I am somewhat clever at making a meal out of nothing. Good luck with your blog and thanks for your inspiration.

  3. Hi, nice to see you have started to blog. I popped in before and was dissappointed that you hadn't started then. Well done with all that weight loss. What a lot of people forget is that it is way to easy to put it on, and a darned sight harder to get some off.